Michael Heller

Two Novellas: Marble Snows & The Study (ahadada books, 2009

As with Michael Heller’s memoirs and essays, Two Novellas: Marble Snows & The Study continues his project of poetry by other means. These works, written some twenty years apart and drawing on such diverse influences as Akutagawa’s short fictions, Joyce’s Portrait and Valery’s Monsieur Teste, embody Heller’s exploration of language’s dramatic relationship to character, fate and incident. Using radically different narrative techniques, the two novellas are united by a persistent vision, both anguished and comic, of a consciousness ransomed to words and yet, in mysterious ways, seemingly redeemed by them.

"In a poetic generation that has frequently settled for small answers, Heller's work insists upon the largest questions."--Rain Taxi
A selection from twenty years' writing by Michael Heller on George Oppen

This Constellation Is A Name: Collected Poems 1965-2010 (Nightboat Books, 2012), Beckmann Variations & other poems (Shearsman, 2010), Eschaton (new poems) (Talisman, 2009), Two Novellas: Marble Snows & The Study (ahadada press, 2009) are all available fro